Monday, October 10, 2016

A new blog .....

For those of you who miss me writing I've been really busy of late with weddings. I have started a new blog for that specifically so if you would like to check it out here is the link.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Good and Bad Loss. . . .

Well as you can see from my last posting it’s been awhile since I took the time to write a blog, nothing has been written since July 8, 2015, to be exact.

I have been on a journey of sorts.  I started blogging back in February of 2009 and since then I would have to say my life has been full of change and loss. 

If you don’t mind I’m going to back the bus up just a little and say in 2006 I lost a wonderful sister-in-law/friend Marina.  Marina was my Brother Billy’s first wife. She was such a blessing in my family’s life losing her was huge and really devastating.

This next loss is a bit of a grin but a loss nonetheless.  In 2009 I went from being a Jeep driver to a mini-van driver . . . that was painful!  Though funny to most I still morn not having a Jeep.  I loved my Jeep -Grand Cherokee Limited addition it was wonderful.   And now I’m still driving the 2005 Dodge Caravan I had from way back in ’09.  My job is hard on my vehicle so why spend money on something new to wreck it? So I the mini-van hater will keep this vehicle till it dies.  In respect to dying it will likely be sooner than later.  The years haven’t been kind to it.

2009 brought more loss that wasn’t as funny as me driving a mini-van. It actually wasn’t funny at all.

I lost my husband and extended family through irreconcilable differences which lead to separation and divorce.  I would like to blame it all on him but I won’t I will split it with him.  If you have ever been in a long-term relationship that failed you understand, after 14 years separation from all you knew and know really does a number on your emotional and mental capacity leaving you a little worse for the wear.  I would have to say I feel like I am just now becoming whole again and starting to be myself, almost seven years later.

At the same time as this loss of family and really a whole community, I was working at a local group home. In that home was a young man who was the light we as staff loved.  He brought brightness to tough days.  We lost that light the same month my husband and I separated.  He is still in my heart and I still think of him often.  You will always be remembered, Luke. 

With all that change other loss came as well.  Like a lack of spiritual strength and a lack of a place where my broken heart could still find rest, refuge and worship.  So I had many days and nights where God was far from me not because he moved because in my brokenness I moved.  I was worn down and heartbroken and felt I had no believers to turn to for support. In my brokenness, I did a lot of things I regret.  I acted in ways when whole I would never dream of acting.  I allowed things into my life that I still grieve about and regret.

Then came 2015 the GIANT year of loss!  I lost my oldest sister, Peggy to cancer January 27. My oldest brother, Billy to a massive heart attack April 27.  Then on New Year's Eve, I lost my dad, Monty Nicholson to cancer. I don't know what to say about last year other then it was really hard.  It is huge to lose family but three in one year makes it that much harder.  You are in continual grief mode and often anything and everything can make you sad. 

With all the loss came some soul-searching.  -I realized 2 things -

  1. Comfort food was becoming my best friend and worst enemy! 
  2.  I needed to lose weight if I wanted to be healthy, strong and stay around. 
So this journey is a positive loss in memory of my siblings & my dad who I lost too soon in life. For my healthy journey, I am using 21-day fix and my Fitbit. 21 Day Fix and walking will be my lifestyle forever it is more about healthy proportional eating and moving.  So as of today I have lost 71.6 pounds and have 5 pounds left to go.  Healthy is what I strive for now.  

Please click on the link below to see my journey...

 Just so you know:

As for me, I will always have hope! Psalm 71:14 

Everything is not a negative in my life.  

  • I have great kids.  They are my pride and joy and biggest blessing!
  • I have been remarried now since Oct 20, 2012 thanks for always getting things done Brad Clark! Love You! xo
  • I have three adorable pets. #ChloeTheDog #SophiaTheCat #ChloeTheBunny
  • I have had family move closer and family that came back into my life and for that, I'm truly grateful! 
  • I'm doing fantastic on this healthy journey.
  • I am close with God again and this is the best thing. 

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

~Total Divas Season 4 Episode 1 Diva Drama~

We have kicked off Season 4 of Total Divas with a Dramatic Bang! 

Eva Marie 

WWE is actually planning on having Eva replace Nikki & Brie and they are keeping her in a training program in California, instead of sending her to NXT.  Well, if you ever wanted to send a Diva into a fit tell them they have a plan that doesn't involve them.  The Divas lose their mind over this they are absolutely furious.  They feel like WWE are giving her special treatment with a private trainer right in California.  They think Eva lied to them not telling them the fact that she got to stay in Los Angeles and not have to go to NXT.  All the Divas are ranting including Paige who rants that Eva is being “fed with a silver spoon” by the WWE.
Eva heads to training with her new coach, he rants at her that she isn’t doing her best and tells her to take a walk and decide if she really wants to be there. Jonathan follows her outside and tries to talk to her, she admits that her heart isn’t in it because the other divas are getting inside her head talking so much crap about her and her training. Eva heads back inside and nails her training session. In my opinion, Eva is working her butt off to be better.  Stop being jealous ladies and be proud of her and encouraging.  
Eva walks through backstage at Monday Night Raw, Brie spots Eva and confronts her. Eva explains that she is tired of everyone gossiping about her. After the match, Nikki announces that she is not leaving the WWE, and she refuses to give her spot up to Eva. Eva sits down with the divas to try and make amends with them but the other girls don’t want to hear it, and they are not happy with Eva and consider her lazy. My opinion is jealousy is ugly and these girls just want what Eva has.  

Bella Twins

We left off last season with the Bella Twins considering leaving WWE and we open tonight with all the other Divas gossiping about them leaving and hoping to get their spots.  Nikki can’t believe that her “friends” are already salivating over the Diva’s Champion spot.  Really, Nikki, you weren't salivating over it when AJ Lee was leaving.  
Nikki and Brie are mad that Eva is being groomed to take their spot.  Brie thinks that Eva isn’t “paying her dues” and she should have to go to NXT like everyone else.  Brie and Nikki head into Mark’s office and confront him about Eva replacing them and working with a personal trainer. Mark says that he can’t get into details with them. I truly think as soon as Nikki heard this she decided to consider resigning her contract because she doesn’t want to give up her spot to Eva Marie, not to mention WWE counter offered with more money.
Nikki goes out to dinner with Momma Bella, who thinks it is a horrible idea for Nikki to leave the WWE. She reminds Nikki that she shouldn't “bite the hand the fed her” and that Nikki always wanted to be the female version of John Cena. Besides, the other gigs that she was offered haven’t even given her solid contracts, there is a chance they could fall through, and then she will have no job. She shouldn't be burning bridges.
Nikki tries to convince Brie to reconsider signing another contract and staying in the WWE with her. Brie refuses, she wants to start a family with Bryan she has made up her mind. 
Nikki is told that Eva has been talking trash about the Bella Twins. Apparently, Eva has been "whining" that the other girls are trashing her name and bullying her because she got a private trainer and didn’t go to NXT. Nikki is livid, she has had enough of Eva’s lies and drama when in reality I truly believe that Eva is the one being bullied.  


Who remembers last season when the girls found 50 Shades of Grey on Nattie's night table?  I believe this little venture stems from that.  Nattie has decided to switch up her appearance in hopes of more screen time.  Nattie tracks down Mark Cerrano to tell him that she knows that the Bella Twins are leaving and she wants to pitch a new idea about a dominatrix/cat lady character. Nattie is set on becoming a dominatrix and filling Nikki’s spot – she heads to the sex toy store with Naomi and her husband, Jimmy Uso, to do some research.  Let's just say the things she wanted to buy for the cats weren't cat toys.
Nattie has a professional dominatrix come over to her house to teach her some moves. TJ is there, and the dominatrix has him get down on his hands and knees to use him as an example. TJ and the cats were not having any of it.  When the dominatrix tells him to purr like a cat and tries to whip him, TJ takes that cue leave.  He shouts at Nattie that he is a tag-team champion and he is not purring like a cat! Afterward, Nattie feels a little weird about the whole dominatrix character and thinks that she might scrap the idea. While Nattie is no dominatrix and TJ isn't about to be dominated, I do think Nattie's new look is fantastic.  We'll just leave 50 Shades of Grey to the pages of the novel.  

My Win: Superwoman Trinity Fatu aka Naomi is back.  This makes me so very happy! 

My Fail: The Divas hating on Eva Marie because they are jealous, “Middle School Drama.” 

I'm glad Total Divas is back, I missed it. I'm looking forward to next weeks drama.  

Friday, May 29, 2015

Congratulations Grads of 2015

I had the opportunity to speak at a grad banquet this week.  Not only did I get to address a great bunch of Grads my oldest son was in the mix!

I am very proud of this young man!  As high school comes to a close he plans on heading to university next year to take business and account over the next four years. He has worked through high school on The Dean's List, worked at McDonald's and played Rugby. May he be blessed and prosper in all he does.  You're Momma loves you, child! I'll love you forever; I'll like you for always as long as I'm living my baby you'll be. xo

Josiah Leavitt Class of 2015 

I had hoped to impart some wisdom to these young people at the banquet and I thought just perhaps it's we all need to be reminded of the basics!

You are getting the non-edited to blog's as if you were there.

Let Wisdom Guide You

First, let me say CONGRATULATIONS to all the graduates.

My son, Josiah, told me I wasn’t allowed to use him for stories or illustrations tonight so this should be short.   –just kidding, maybe.

As one chapter of your life is coming to a close you are on the threshold of something great and wonderful.  Allow me to take a few moments to share some wisdom with you that will hopefully influence you in the years to come. 

1 Take advice from those, that went before you.

Proverbs 6: 20 (GWT)
My son/daughter, obey the command of your father and do not disregard the teachings of your mother.

I know there was probably a collective inward moan from every young person here tonight.  Seriously, you are going to talk about listening to my parents.  Not exactly, let's broaden the scope to all adults in your personal circle.  Here's the truth we adults have been there before you, we've made mistakes and probably more than once.

Let’s have a show of hands how many here tonight over the age of 25 have made a mistake before? And show of hands how many over the age of 25 have made more than one? -just as I thought! 

There you have it you are in the midst of mistake makers any advice we give, we give in hope that you don't have to make the same mistakes we did. 

Life isn't simple there is a lot of choices you are going to be making as you graduate and start this journey to adulthood.  Don't try to solve everything on your own.  Ask us we are here, we want to help. 

We aren't perfect but by God's grace perhaps we can guide you and help you make life decisions that will lead to a long and happy future.  People say the only way you learn is by making your own mistakes.  I say HOW SMART ARE YOU if you can learn from someone else’s mistakes and not make them yourself. 

2 Accept full responsibility for your behavior.

Galatians 6:5(GWT)
Assume your own responsibility. (You reap what you sow)

This is very basic and simplistic.

Allow me to read to you something from Maya Angelou, Wouldn't Take Nothing for My Journey Now

“Although nature has proven season in and season out that if the thing that is planted bears at all, it will yield more of itself, there are those who seem certain that if they plant tomato seeds, at harvest time they can reap onions.

Too many times for comfort I have expected to reap good when I know I have sown evil. My lame excuse is that I have not always known that actions can only reproduce themselves, or rather, I have not always allowed myself to be aware of that knowledge. Now, after years of observation and enough courage to admit what I have observed, I try to plant peace if I do not want discord; to plant loyalty and honesty if I want to avoid betrayal and lies.

Of course, there is no absolute assurance that those things I plant will always fall upon the arable land and will take root and grow, nor can I know if another cultivator did not leave contrary seeds before I arrived. I do know, however, that if I leave little to chance, if I am careful about the kinds of seeds I plant, about their potency and nature, I can, within reason, trust my expectations.”

Some wise words from Maya Angelou, chances are good you will reap what you sow; make sure that what you plant is what you want out of life. 

3 Be prepared to work & succeed on your own merits.

Proverbs 6:6-8(GWT)
Consider the ant . . . watch its ways, and become wise.
Although it has no overseer, officer, or ruler, in summertime it stores its food supply.
At harvest time it gathers its food.

Don't be a jobber waiting every week for your Pay Cheque. Don't feel like the world owes you anything.  Succeed on your own merit.

I will give you an example of my brother and his partners.  My brother went to Ottawa at 19 with nothing, took a welding course and with perseverance, hard work and commitment he made an amazing life for himself over the next 40 years. Bill & his partner Frank together created Fortran steel. They worked long hours and always well into the night. The days were spent fabricating and nights installing. They were always supported and well fed by their wives who would often bring them their dinners on site.  All four of these individuals knew what it was to work hard for something.   After they incorporated in 1983 they added another partner Dave & his wife Joanne.  Everyone’s goal was to make Fortran Steel something great. From making railings in a single home garage to now fabricating some of the largest structural steel projects in Ottawa, It's safe to say they have succeeded their dreams. They didn’t accomplish that by being slackers they shared their blood, sweat, and tears and created something great. Many workers have come and gone from Fortran Steel but you would be surprised at those that have made it a career, some have been there almost as long as Billy, Frank, and Dave.  They have chosen to make their job a career.  They are an amazing crowd.  When I was visiting the shop a couple of weeks ago one of the employees said to me I loved your brother, I jokingly said you have to say that to me.  He said no I really did I named my son after him.  Obviously, that man though not a partner has made Fortran Steel his career, so much so that he bonded with his bosses enough to name his son after one of them.

So I say whatever you decide to do, do it with your whole heart.  If you go to college or university study hard If you chose to work for yourself or someone else works as if the whole company is riding on how you do your job, don’t be a slacker.  Whatever you chose to make it a career, not a job.  

Ability is what you’re capable of doing.  Motivation determines what you do. AND Attitude determines how well you do it. 

4 Be kind and be a leader.

Proverbs 31:8-9(GWT)
“Speak out for the one who cannot speak, for the rights of those who are doomed.
Speak out, judge fairly, and defend the rights of oppressed and needy people.”

Be fair and unafraid to speak up. Don't worry about pleasing “the cool” crowd.  Stand out in all you do. 

Carrie Kerpen wrote in an article about one of her favorite companies, Belfor.   They are known for their kindness.  They are a worldwide leader in disaster recovery and property restoration. They focus on being the absolute BEST in their category. But they are also incredibly kind and build that into the company’s DNA. One of their mottoes is: “Do the right thing, even when no one is watching.”  You see this culture of kindness funnel through every aspect of the organization . . . the kindness that Sheldon Yellen, BELFOR’s CEO, showed on the hit show Undercover Boss kept with this theme. BELFOR walks the walk and talks the talk–while simultaneously being focused on being number one in their category. Their success comes from a desire to win and the commitment to be kind.

Make that part of your DNA, you can be successful and still be nice.  Do the right thing, even when no one is watching.

5 Be a lover, not a hater.

Luke 10:27(GWT)
. . . Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength, and with all your mind. And love your neighbor as you love yourself.
John 13:34(GWT)
I’m giving you a new commandment: Love each other in the same way that I have loved you.

In a world of haters take the chance to stand out as a lover.  I know you have heard it before but it bears telling you again God loves you.  He wants to be there for you and to be your guiding force.  That same love and care he wants to pour into you he wants you, in turn, to pour it into others.  Don't worry about the actions of others; be worried about how you act.  The world would tell you to treat others exactly how they treat you. God says to treat others how you want to be treated.  Our world is constantly full of people hating on each other wouldn’t it be nice if you stood out as someone who loved everyone and treated them well.
It's not just about being good and being nice and loving people it's also about truly loving God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength and all your mind, loving Him as he loves us.

So if I can leave you with one thing as you go out into the world be the best you, you can possibly be. 

Monday, May 11, 2015

How can we not talk about family when family is all we got...RIP Billy

Alfred William Carmichael (Billy) March 7, 1956 - April 27, 2015

On April 27, 2015, our family got the news that our oldest brother, Billy, passed away at home with his wife Linda and granddaughter Madison sometime in the early morning.  Within the last 5 years Linda, Madison Griffith, Crystal (Richie Sarault) and Tina Griffith (Kurt Heuff), Adriaan and Myah-Jayne came into his life, Billy and Linda had been married Oct. 29, 2011, giving him a large extended family. I know his loss will be felt by them greatly. As Crystal said in her eulogy he changed their life.

He has left behind many who are heartbroken to see him go at the young age of 59, an untimely Massive Heart Attack has left us broken. There are many that feel his loss, especially those closest to him, including:  his Mom, Thelma, his sisters Joan (George Crocker), Bea, Michelle (Brad Clark), his brothers Joey & Donald (Jen), his step-daughter from his first marriage Shauna (Peter & Grandsons Eric & Bennett), his business partners that were his extended family:  Frank Donato (Sera, Domenic & Josh) along with Dave Went (Joanne), his brother from another mother, Jonathan, Barb, Brock and Dalton Cloutier have lost the best camp buddy ever and Dave Henry has lost a hunting buddy that will not be easily replaced.  His nieces and nephews are all feeling the loss of Uncle Billy.  (Josh, Charity, David, Becky, Liam, Jacob, Josiah, Jonathan, Brooklynn, Samantha and Matthew)

The family went on before him:  his dad Bill, his first wife, Marina and his sister Peggy just 3 months earlier.

Linda, her family, and friends graciously invited us to share in paying our respects at the Daley Family Funeral Home on Tuesday, May 5 from 6-9 pm and on Wednesday, May 6 from 10-10:45 am with a Funeral following in the Chapel.

On Friday, May 8 at 9:30am his company and partners extended an invitation to share in a tree planting ceremony in remembrance of Billy.

During this ceremony Domenic Donato and myself, Michelle Carmichael Clark paid tribute to the man we loved.  I would like to share our heart with you all so that you too can pay tribute to him.

We opened with "See You Again" (non-rap version for Billy but my blog gets the version I like). Take the time to listen to it because if you knew Billy you would know this song perfectly captures him and those that lost him.

My thoughts: Billy was an East Coast success story, a Carmichael success story.  He came to Ottawa at 19 with nothing and with perseverance, hard work and commitment he made an amazing life for himself over the next 40 years.

His success made us proud and it inspired us to work hard and be committed in the lives and careers we chose. Even in his bad habits he jokingly thought he was changing the world.  He would constantly toss litter out the window.  I would be appalled and telling him to stop! To which he would reply "It's a make-work project, Michelle.  I'm keeping people employed."

He was strong-willed and stubborn which might be a family trait!

Billy was excessively generous with his family.
Even when he was a young teenager he had the kindest, giving heart.
When I was 21/2 making him about 15 I had to go to Halifax for surgery.  Now Halifax is about 351 km away from where we lived in Baddeck, yet he and my cousin Paul managed to buy me one of those giant stuffed bunnies that stood taller than me.  Where they got the money I don't know but how they got there showed me they cared... 2 teenage boys hitchhiked 351 km carrying a stuffed bunny that didn't fit in a backpack.
With not a lot of resources, he still found lots of ways to regularly show his love and commitment to his family as a teen.  I remember every Sunday our Mom would make a big Sunday Dinner and as soon as we were finished he would say "Ma, go have a nap I'll clean up" & he would do the dishes and tidy up the house.
He continued to give to his family and provide for them even as he grew in his career.

He loved his work, family and Ottawa friends so much.  I never talked to him without him telling some hunting, fishing, Harley or work story.

It was funny as we talked with each of you this week you told us your stories of you and Billy.  A lot of the stories I had heard before from Billy.  Now I have had the greatest opportunity to have the story told by both of you.  Thank you for being his family, for loving him and looking out for him for his 40 years in Ottawa.

Hard Working, Committed and Loving is what made up Billy's character.

His untimely death has left a hole in our hearts.
Our love and bond with Billy will never be broken even though our hearts are.
My regret is that I couldn't save him.  That I couldn't do more for the one who did so much for everyone else.
Now that you're gone our hearts are broken but because you were here once our hearts are filled with love.  Billy, you will always be missed and cherished.

Job 5:11 tells us "He sets on high those who are lowly, and those who mourn are lifted to safety."

Followed by a prayer for peace, comfort, and protection for those Billy left behind.

Then Domenic:  Welcome everyone. Today we celebrate and honor Bills life by planting a tree in his memory. Just like when this tree grows and establishes its roots deep into the soil below us, Bill has deep roots in this company and all of our lives that all started in 1976 when he met my Father Frank. Frank and Bill both worked together at Plescia Industries doing custom steel fabrication. The first time they met was on Donald Street. Frank was the foreman on the site and was waiting for a new worker to show up. The driver told Frank his new worker was in the elevator shaft bring the torch hoses up. Frank went over to the elevator shaft and looking down from the 22nd  floor he saw this super skinny white guy with a big afro, it was Bill. In 1981 Frank decided that he was going to leave Plescia and start on his own company. Bill said to Frank that he wouldn't let him go on his own and that if Frank was going so was he, and together their journey to create Fortran started. They worked long hours and always well into the night. The days were spent fabricating and nights installing. They were always supported and well fed by their wives Sera and Marina. In 1983 they incorporated. In 1986 another key member of the future of Fortran joined, and that was Dave Went. Dave along with his wife Joanne fit in perfectly with the others. Everyone’s goal? To make Fortran what it is today. From making railings in a single home garage to now fabricating some of the largest structural steel projects in Ottawa, I think its safe to say they have succeeded their dreams. Together they shared their blood, sweat, and tears and formed an irreplaceable bond.  But they weren't just business partners, they were best friends, brothers, and most importantly family. Bill will always be part of the Fortran family. He loved this thing they created more than anything and was always proud to show the Fortran brand off.

Bill never had children but the closest thing he did had to children was Josh and me. We always looked up to him and he was like an uncle and a father to us. He was there when we were born, he was there for our many firsts, he was there to lift us up when we fell, and most importantly he was there to put us in our place.
He will always be part of our families as we grow and we will always have the greatest memories of him.

Blessing of the Tree
Creator of life and Sustainer of seed and soil, of tree and flower, you have created this world and all that lives in it. It is to You that we come in this prayer of dedication and blessing, for you are the giver of life and the sustainer of all that lives. We come to you to dedicate this tree in memory of Bill Carmichael who you continue to hold in your generous grace. We give you thanks for their lives and come to you in our tears and sorrow. May this tree reminds us of this one whom we love and who is held forever in your never-ending love. May this tree dig deep roots and grow wide branches to bear witness to your abundant love and grace made known in our brother Bill Carmichael. We ask for your blessing upon this tree and upon us who mourn, that life might dwell and bear witness to the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom we pray. Amen.

We had a really hard couple of weeks but this ceremony helped with the morning & grieving process.  I am so thankful for everyone at Fortran who helped to honor and remember Billy!  

Monday, April 6, 2015

Words Of Wisdom For The Day

So as I sit here this morning reading scripture it dawns on me it really doesn't have to be that hard.  
I find as Westerners we tend to take something simple and make it hard like if it's hard it makes us more spiritual to believe it.  
Here is the simple truth I got from Proverbs 6
First off Be Careful What You Say

Proverbs 6:2 You are trapped by the words of your own mouth, caught by your own promise.
Simply ~Be careful what you promise it can get you in trouble!  Keeping promises is always harder than making them.~

Often we tend to think we have to earn our way into God's good graces by how we appear before others.
Proverbs 6:16-19 tells us some simple things God hates in our nature and I'm thinking if we work on these things we will have an in with Him.  

There are six things that the LORD hates, even seven that are disgusting to him: 

Arrogant eyes, we are all human none better than the other.  Regardless of our social status, color, sexual orientation we were all created equal. "That judger really makes me want to love God," said nobody ever! 

A lying tongue, Nobody likes a liar so don't be one.  Honesty is the best policy unless you're being honest to be cruel. Giving too much information that isn't asked for may be the truth but if it's mean it's an unnecessary truth.  

Hands that kill innocent people,
 well that doesn't need explaining.  -Don't be killing people.

A mind devising wicked plans, Don't be that guy who comes up with evil plans to get back at someone or to "fix" what is wrong in the world.  Here's a truth: the earth is pretty old, there has been a lot of good and evil happen on this planet and your scheme isn't going to rid the world of all that is wrong even if it's just your own personal corner. 

Feet that are quick to do wrong,
 Don't be an "I'm in" type of person.   If you have that feeling it's wrong chances are good it is and don't be quick to embrace the wrong.  

A dishonest witness spitting out lies, Don't lie about people to get them in trouble or yourself out of trouble. 

And last but not least 

A person who spreads conflict among relatives. Oh, don't tell me someone in your family didn't pop into your head as soon as you read that statement.  Don't live to gossip about your family. Don't be a pot stirrer! Don't live in competition with your family and constant turmoil.  These are your forever people. They should be the last people you want to be in conflict with. 

Let's jump to The New Testament 

John 13:34 I’m giving you a new commandment: Love each other in the same way that I have loved you.

Luke 10:27 . . ." 'Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength, and with all your mind. And love your neighbor as you love yourself.'"

So it sounds pretty simple. Don't be a jerk and love people how you want to be loved.  Don't worry about the actions of others; be worried about how you act.  

Oh and just a reminder it's not just about being good and being nice and loving people it's also about truly loving God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength and all your mind.  Loving him as he loves us.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Total Divas Season 3 My Wins, Fails, Predictions & More

So another season of Total Divas has come to a close.
Time to look back at Season 3 from September 2014 to March 2015 we saw 20 episodes of Diva drama!

So let's get right to it:

The award for Top Three Divas goes to:
#3 Eva Marie
#2 Brie Bella
and Top Diva of Season 3 is none other then
#1 Nikki Bella
These three Divas had the most screen time and the most stories to be told in my opinion.

My win for Season 3 is LOVE PREVAILS
Through out season 3, Nattie and TJ had real marriage struggles.  Therapy, talks of divorce, not living together, it looked like they were going to lose what they had invested in for years.  When some family issues came up for Nattie with her Mom and Dad TJ totally stepped up to the plate and helped. He showed his love and commitment for not only Nattie but her family too.  Nattie is always waiting for TJ to screw up and I think by the end of the season his love and commitment won her back.  I love a happy ending!

My Fail for Season 3 Girl Bye – Naomi & Jimmy Uso
So once Naomi & Jimmy was married rumor had it that WWE didn't think that Naomi would bring enough drama to Total Divas.  I have to say I miss them a lot.  The episode they were in when Nattie had a sleepover while her house was getting fumigated made me happy and sad.  It was great to see them but I want more.  Whatever the true reason for them not being on Total Divas I  don't know. My request is this please bring back Naomi  & Jimmy.

My Funniest Boss Man line: Mark Carrano WWE Senior Director of Talent Relations AKA The Man The Divas answer to was asked by Paige if she could get a full sleeve or a chest piece tattoo.  Mark says he will go and ask and let her know.  When they meet up again he is like “Congratulations, you're not getting a tattoo.”  I laughed and found it rather hilarious Paige not so much.  She settled for 2 small matching tats on her thumbs as far as we know that did not cause trouble with her merchandising.

The Newbies:  The Three Amigos Rosa, Paige & Foxy
These three girls are great together.  I don't know how they would survive Total Divas independently but together they make for a pretty entertaining team.  They all have a story to tell and they balance each other out.

Surprise of Season 3 – Ariane's Dad is a Pastor!   WHAT I so didn't see that coming.  Preach it, daddy!

Gossip of Season 3 – Alicia Fox AKA Foxy and Wade Barrett dated for 2 years!  Again WHAT I would have never thought it.  The break up broke Alicia's heart but she is slowly getting over Wade.  Loved getting that gossip.

The Worst Moment of Season 3: Brie, JJ & Momma Bella stage an intervention on Nikki's behalf basically telling John that he needs to let Nikki go so she can marry and have babies.  I would have lost it on my family if they had done that to me and my man.

Season's 3 Marriage on the rocks: Initially I thought Nattie and TJ were the couple going through the most struggles but when you stop and look at it Eva Marie and Jonathan had a constant struggle this season.  I have composed a list of their problems

Fought over faith.  (Catholicism vs Evangelical)
Fought over protection from home invasion & getting a gun.
Fought over a Road Trip Fun vs Schedule.
Fought over babies, wanting and not wanting them.
Fought over necessary surgery due to breast implants leaking.
Fought over Jonathan being a bossy, mean manager (husbandger).
In reality that is a lot of fighting over some major issues.  Here's hoping they will work it out.  They will find more good than bad and we will see great things for them next season.

SHOCKER of Season 3:  The Bella Twins saying good bye to WWE?
Brie and Nikki ended Season 3 with a new contract renewal option for 3 years.  At the close of the season finale, we see that Brie is definitely in Baby Mode and wants to start her family & Nikki wants to pursue an acting career.  The final scene we see them saying no to Mark Carrano for signing another 3-year contract. . . are we really saying bye to The Bella Twins?  My opinion or prediction is that they convince WWE to sign them with a year to year contract instead of the original year signing.

So that is my spin on Season 3 I've not seen any previews for Season 4 as of yet but you know my #1 hope is to have Mr. and Mrs. Uso back with us.  So I have no rumors as of yet for Season 4 I guess we will just have to wait till July 7, 2015, to get some answers.  We will talk more Total Divas in July!

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Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Flintstones Stone Age SmackDown Review

Fred Flintstone (Jeff Bergman) wants to take Wilma (Tress MacNeille) and Pebbles (Russi Taylor) on a vacation to Rockapulco, but in typical Fred style, a series of unfortunate events causes him to have to come up with a hair brain idea to raise some clams after losing his family's vacation money.   The plan involves Barney Rubble (Kevin Michael Richardson) defeating CM Punkrock at a charity boxing match.

Seeing an opportunity for a get-rich-quick scheme, Fred invents the sport of professional wrestling and signs on The Undertaker, Rey Mysteriopal, and John Cenastone. When CM Punkrock and his sidekick Marble Henry show up for a rematch, what will happen to good old Barney?  Even after Fred makes the cash his greed gets the better of him and he nearly loses everything by trying to double his money.  Other WWE personalities in the movie include the Boulder Twins, Daniel Bry-Rock and Vince McMagma.

The WWE crowd brings it to Fred’s get rich scheme.  Marble Henry –hilarious, CM Punkrock’s –Lovable Jerk, John Cenastone –heroic, The Undertaker -grim and scary with a dash of silly, Rey Mysteriopal-quiet and loyal, Daniel Bry-Rock-YES, YES, YES, Boulder Twins –Hotties who are great at promoting themselves and Vince McMagma-has an eye for knowing when a business will make a clam or two.

Stone Age SmackDown is just under an hour in length, short but it will make you smile!  I like this Flintstone comeback as a cross-promotion with the WWE.  The Scooby Doo Wrestle Mania movie was a hit why not appeal to the younger fans that is where you’re going to make your cash anyway!   Triple H and Stephanie have three little girls ages 9, 7 & 5 why wouldn’t they as parents want to bring the old classics back and toss in WWE.  Getting your kids to like the cartoons you liked as a kid and throwing in the business to boot is a win-win!  And if it appeals to one set of parents it will appeal to lots of parents which means money.  WWE as we know it is evolving let it happen, embrace it, go along for the ride and enjoy!  It’s entertainment - Yabba Dabba Doo!  We’re wrestling fans; we don’t need to be all uptight about the product being watered down by such endeavors.  I say it makes the product more diverse.  LOVE IT!

The Flintstones look great in this animation. The directors put a lot of energy into the characters, their expressions, and their body language is fantastic.

Now if I can complain for a moment -voice casting.
Kevin Michael Richardson as Barney’s voice is dreadful, epic fail. Why couldn’t he do a better impression of what we've been used to coming out of Barney’s mouth for 55 years-seriously?  Kevin Michael Richardson is one of the best in the industry I’m not attempting to bash him, but couldn’t he give us the Barney we know and love?  Mr. Slate voiced by John O’Hurley sounds sophisticated not how I would describe Mr. Slate but it still doesn't upset me as much as Barney.   Grey Griffen plays Betty with a really thick Brooklyn accent which seems odd to me, BUT again I have to say the Barney impression is the worst.  Did I mention I didn't really like Barney’s voice??

I think this is fun for Cartoon and Wrestling fans alike.  If you want something fun for your kids, your grandkids or yourself watch it, rent it, buy it.  I bought it and I’m not disappointed.  Let me just say here and now I know Punk is done and long gone and we should speak of him no more but I loved seeing CM Punk’s cartoon self in all his glory in this!-just saying. Now if I could just get past Barney’s voice…

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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Mint Aero Chocolate Cheesecake


4oz Digestive Biscuits (about 12 mcvities digestives)
3oz of Melted Butter

320g Philadelphia Soft Cheese Cadbury Chocolate
250g Icing sugar
250ml Whipping cream
2 Large Mint Aero Bars

*Crush the digestive biscuits to your preference and slowy add in the melted butter.
*Again the butter is to your preference.
*The more butter to more your base will stay together
*Line the tin with cling film as this helps get the cheesecake out easy when it is set.
*Cover the base of the tin with the crushed biscuit mix.
*Mix together the Philadelphia Soft Cheese Cadbury Chocolate and the icing sugar.
*Whip the whipping cream and then add it to the mixture.
*Grate the 2 Aero bars.
*Add about 3/4 of it to the mixture and mix together.
*Spread the mixture on top of the biscuit base.
*Add the rest of the grated aero to the top of the cheesecake.
*Now leave to set over night in the fridge.
*Enjoy !!

Total Divas Season 3 Season Finale

Nikki, Brie, JJ,  Naked Selfies & Big Decisions 

Nikki & Brie are hanging out with their cousins when they get an accidentally naked selfie text from their brother JJ that was intended for his wife Lauren -AWKWARD!
Nikki being Nikki can't resist showing his naked selfie to their cousins because she thinks it's funny!
JJ stops by Brie's house to help her with some stuff & Brie tells him that Nikki showed his naked selfie to all of their cousins. Needless to say, he was mad!
Nikki is shocked when she finds az Valentine she made for John a couple of years ago on her Instagram account!  She immediately suspects that JJ did it to get back at her, but Brie confesses to doing it explaining that she wanted to teach Nikki a lesson. 
Later, the Bella Twins are handed their new contracts and asked to return them signed in a few days.
Neither of the twins is certain that they're willing to commit to another three years in the WWE.  When they meet up with a friend they haven't seen in a long time who is expecting a baby soon, Brie realizes that she really wants to have babies, now.
Nikki's agent has set up a bunch of meetings for her regarding new opportunities in the entertainment industry, Brie goes out to lunch with Bryan and lets him know she wants babies and he wants to too.
Nikki had met with one of the top casting directors in Los Angeles and while they would love to have her scheduling would mean she will have to choose between WWE & Acting there isn't time for both. Nikki meets up with John and mentions that she's uncertain about staying in the WWE for another three years.  John tells her that he thinks there's more for her to achieve in life than just being a WWE Diva, go and do it, try! 
Nikki has a match against Divas Champ AJ Lee. To distract AJ, Brie grabs the Diva and gives her a d kiss!  Enough of a distraction that Nikki pulls off a win making her the new Divas Champion.
She starts having second thoughts about her contract because of the win.  
When Brie and Nikki sit down with Mark Carrano to discuss their contracts, Brie explains that she really wants to start a family and have babies & Nikki mentions that all the entertainment opportunities she has. Mark asks if they are not going to be WWE Divas anymore they so no.
Is this truly happening?  Are the Bella Twins really leaving WWE?

Paige Commitment/Boyfriend Issues 

Paige has planned a girls' trip to Key West with The Three Amigos Alicia Fox, Rosa Mendes & herself!  To prep for their vacation the Divas have to wax and of course, Rosa is up first!  I have never let my friends wax my girl parts...Rosa, you're out there! Paige has also invited her "friend" Bradley the musician to come along one the trip...a little candy!  She's not looking for anything serious at the moment. Girls just wanna have fun, or at least Paige.  
Three Amigos hit the jet-skis for some fun. Later, they meet a cute guy and invite him to come to hang out with them!
Bradley gets upset when Paige refers to him as her "friend with benefits" poor guy. Paige doesn't feel bad because he isn't exactly her boyfriend. Yelling she is single.  
The Three Amigos are partying on a sunset cruise when Bradley surprises them by getting behind the mic and dedicating a song to Paige.  Paige gives Bradley a kiss! 
Bradley pulls Alicia aside asking why Paige is so hot and cold with him. He likes her but he doesn't know where she is. He talks with Paige and she tells him that all she wants to do is hook up with him. So he decides to leave.  Paige has a moment with her Amigos talking about her past relationship and how she was really hurt.
Her Amigos make her realize that she needs to give Bradley a chance because if she keeps pushing guys away, she's going to end up alone.
She realizes she's been hard on Bradley so she finds him before he leaves and explains to him that she really likes him but is terrified of commitment because of her past hurt.
Bradley tells her "I'm not going anywhere." 
Paige has a match and is excited because it's Bradley first time coming to watch her.
After the show, Paige spends some time with Bradley & decides to ask him if he wants to move in with her! He is reluctant but says yes but he really wants her to meet his Mom first. Mama Boy! Paige goes with Bradley to meet his mom and sister and it's not going great because Bradley hasn't mentioned moving in even when Paige was hinting and then Bradley's sister drops a bomb that Bradley was married once before!  When questioned he says it was too soon in the relationship to tell her that..well if it's too soon to mention you were married perhaps, just perhaps it's too soon to move in together.  
They have a fight over the secret that he had been keeping all the while she had been totally sharing her heart and everything.  Bradley actually said he isn't ready to move in together!  Paige decides that she's done and heads home.
Does this mean more commitment issues for Paige or will she and Bradley work this out? 

Eva Marie & Johnathan Husbandger

Eva Marie & Jonathan are at an endorsement meeting to discuss the launch of a new line of hair extensions & he tells her to leave the business aspect of it up to him. Eva finds it difficult when Jonathan gets into manager mode and becomes really intense during meetings, she knows he has her best interests at heart but that doesn't make his controlling OCD any easier.  
Eva Marie is in the middle of a photo shoot for her hair tutorial & Jonathan's bossy attitude is driving her nuts. He's acting super strict and even made her friend cry!
In the middle of her photo shoot, Eva Marie gets a call from the WWE someone in their legal department saw pics of her photo shoot on Instagram & requested that she runs everything she does through them, otherwise she could get into some serious trouble!
When Eva Marie tells Jonathan that they need to shut the photo shoot down, he gets loses his mind and they start arguing.  Jonathan wins and they have the photo shoot.
Back home, Eva Marie tries talking to Jonathan about how she is feeling and they get into a huge fight.  She tells him that she doesn't know if she can handle him being both her husbanger.
Jonathan reminds Eva that she doesn't always treat him the best as a husband either.  Eva Marie breaks down before Jonathan leaves.
Will these two work this out?  

Nattie & TJ Cat Grooming Gone Wrong

Nattie & TJ meet with Internet star Grumpy Cat & are totally excited. Nattie gets a selfie with Grumpy Cat & wonders if her cats would be able to make it in show business.
Nattie's mom comes by to drop off her cats, which she took to the groomer. Nattie is shocked when she sees their new haircuts!
How on earth will they be able to make it as show business with these haircuts?

So that is a wrap for season 3, Total Divas will be back for Season 4 in July, looking forward to it!

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